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2013 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival at Brevard Community College

Winter time is birding season on the Space Coast in Florida, one of the largest migratory habitats in the World!  And the 2013 Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival is no exception.  This year's event will  be the biggest and best ever. 
You can expect cultural/historical and photography field trips, lectures by experts in the fields of birding and wildlife, hands on activities, and more! 
For 2013, they've added new field trips and classroom presentations geared toward local subjects, which will be an opportunity to learn about and appreciate Florida and Space Coast areas that are less-known or traveled.
The  2013 Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival is an event for all ages with activities planned for children as well. The Space Coast Birding Festival has been selected as a Top 20 event by the Southeast Tourism Society.

Birding Festival

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